Steve 10

Steve 10


All the bank notes are made in HSCB by a team of local people between 12-25 March 2018.

Each Steve is made of 3 layers and processes - screen print, letterpress and foil blocking with additional finishing, signature and final stamp. 

Half the money made through total note sales is divided between the 4 local causes featured on the notes -  Gary Nash of Eat of Heat Foodbank, Sair Mir and family of PL84U-Al Suffa, Steve Barnabas of The Soul Project and Tracey Griffiths of Barn Croft Primary School.

The other half goes into a debt abolition fund for the purchase and literal explosion of 1 million pounds worth of local predatory debt.

No money from these note sales go towards this multi media feature film and community and cultural action. Donations towards this much appreciated. Postage and packing costs added at checkout. 

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