“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Henry Ford

This playful and mischievous feature documentary follows a community coming together to create their own currency, opening a bank in order to examine how money is created in the real economy and to ask important questions about the system of money creation might be altered in their favour, going forward. Bank Job also questions the job real banks are doing on us every day – a form of legitimised robbery in which large profits are being derived from the creation of money in the form of interest baring loans, meaning debt is an integral component of our current system.



the moviE

Bank Job is a feature documentary film that calls out for fairer economic system. It is a questioning journey of a family and community looking behind the veil of our current economic system and finding ways of making a difference.  

This act of citizen money creation is also to raise real money for some of the poorest in the community, and in order to pull of a heist –buying up and destroying at least £1000,0000 in local predatory payday debts. These debts we argue are a result of monetary system which is impoverishing multitudes by design, and which must be changed.




Hoe Street Central Bank (HSCB) is a pop-up public mint opening in a high street shop front in
January 2018 in our home borough of Walthamstow, London. We need to raise the money for our
literal and symbolic explosion of debt. In our own money creation project we will train and work
with a local team to create and sell a Ltd edition printed series of bank notes totalling £50,000.
Each note features people working against inequality in Walthamstow. Half of the money raised
goes to the causes of the characters on the notes and the other into purchasing £1million of local
payday debt. The bank is so far supported by Waltham Forest Arts, the Raymond Williams Foundation
and the Lipman-Miliband Trust with more to go public asap.



Hoe Street Central Bank will see the production of 4 note designs across denominations. Each note features a local cause in Waltham Forest combatting poverty and working for a fairer society. Confirmed notes are the 'Garys' (after Gary Nash of Eat or Heat foodbank) and the 'Mirs' (featuring Saira Mir and family of Pl84u-al suffa). Full mock ups will go public at our campaign launch in December 2018 and be available for presale before their production in the mint at HSCB in January 2018. 50% of the money raised goes towards these causes and 50% towards our debt abolition action -  forwarding the need for structural change to our economic system and society making the need for such food banks and homeless provision less desperate or even obsolete.



Hoe Street Central Bank will be a meeting place of debate bringing together local people with theorists and policy makers. 10 events will be held between 8th Jan - 3rd Feb 2018 with topics ranging from alternative currencies and the sharing economy to active approaches to cancelling debt and closing down usurious lenders.


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There are lots of ways to join us.

Join the mailing list to keep up to date with events, debt purchase and abolition and the films completion and screenings in 2018.

BE PART OF OUR TEAM OF PAID MONEY PRINTERS AND VOLUNTEERS IN THE BANK. Email hilary@optimistic.foundation for more info and read pdf doc below or here

Come to the events in HSCB (Hoe Street Central Bank) in the former Co-Operative Bank on Hoe Street in Walthamstow between 6th-26th March 2018)

Exchange your £ sterling for our Bank Job currency and become part of a movement for economic education whilst also contributing to local causes. See some early supporters here.