Hi, thanks for visiting this page - we just wanted to confirm that we have paid off a debt which was in your name / due to GDPR we don’t have your contact details (those have remained strictly in the hands of Roland the broker / and the debt selling company for legal reasons) - but if you’d like to contact us you’re very welcome to / and it would in fact be really great to hear from you, even if it’s just a quick email or call. To write directly to us - you can send an email to daniel.edelstyn@gmail.com

We believe that the debt overhang which is currently over Britain is a very serious issue, and that there will need to be a much bigger write off to get the economy properly working again. We are working to achieve this - and the idea of writing off £1m of debt in the borough where we live and work (Walthamstow) is very much the first step on this road. We totally respect your privacy and of course we realise that debt is still something of a taboo in our contemporary world - but we believe that there’s a lot of inconsistencies in the way debt morality is considered. In 2008 after the financial crash, the bankers at the top were backed up by governments across the west. Tax payers bailed them out. Since then there has been huge austerity. Normal people like you and me have paid the bill. But the huge cuts which have taken place since then have left people with less money - and to plug the gaps for the basics, many have had to turn to credit. We believe that if the rich people get bail-outs, then so too should the less well off. We very much see our action as a ‘bail out of the people by the people.’

We’ll be uploading a video we made at the moment we were writing you the letters - so you can see who we are and that this isn’t a hoax, but actually the culmination of a really long process and lots of research into debt. To learn more have a look at the rest of the website, including the Q&A section.

many thanks, Dan & Hilary - & the bank job team

and Roland - the lawyer who brokered the deal with the debt buyers / sellers.