Thanks so much for your sign up! Your first email with the full explainer is on its way to you now, and you are now in our documentary viewers group, we hope you'll enjoy seeing some of our behind the scenes material and hearing what inspired us to start on this journey. 

Please consider coming to the bank and meeting us while we're in there printing out our art money - it's a public performance and there will be loads going on in the evenings too. Also please do tell your friends and families about the project and ask them to sign up. We need you to join us in this movement to buy up and destroy £1000,000 of local payday debt. The only way we'll achieve that is by selling our money, so please do consider buying some. The notes are hand printed in the bank and are strictly limited editions. Hilary's work has been collected by MoMa and the V&A so getting one of these prints is a sensible investment too. And remember half the value of the note goes to one of our local causes, and the other to the debt abolition. As artists we're doing this out of a commitment to seeing change in the system. Simply click on the image below to get your hands on some!