Hilary was excited to be invited and then sorry not to make it down due to an accident to Bridport to be part of a debate on daring to be different.

Culture+ in collaboration with SEAFAIR and Force8 West Dorset Artists’ Collectives hosted:

Socially Engaged Practice, Social Action and Social Impact

FREE seminar providing a platform for connection, exchange of ideas and collaborations, and networking – with visiting speakers and refreshments.

There will be provocations and conversations addressing socially engaged practice, social action and social impact whilst working in a rural context with time for networking and exploring collaborations for future working.

Who’s the event for?

Socially engaged artists, creative practitioners and social entrepreneurs from across different sectors within Dorset, interested in doing things differently.

What you will go away with

The discussion will explore the questions:

What do Socially Engaged Practice, Social Action and Social Impact mean for artists and communities?

How can we do things differently in a chaotic world that makes a difference?

How do artists create a sustainable practice with alternatives to being entirely funded?

How do artists keep on truckin'?

And how to do all this in a rural context?

Who's Speaking?

Visiting provocateurs and speakers are engaged in social action both in a local and national context

Katie Etheridge:

Face to Face in NotLondon. How can small acts make a big difference?
Katie is a socially engaged artist and performance maker whose practice since 2001 investigates the interrelationships between people and places, and artists and audiences. Since 2011, Katie has worked with Simon Persighetti as Etheridge & Persighetti. An alumni of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Katie is the creator of Faceback, the live art game that has gone viral at events across the UK and overseas, connecting 10,000’s of people who wouldn’t normally meet.

Hilary Powell, BANK JOB

Hilary is an international artist and partner in Optimistic Foundation https://optimistic.foundation/about, that produced Bank Job, a feature film and art project pushing for economic change. Operating out of a former Co-Op Bank on a High Street in Walthamstow, North East London as HSCB (Hoe Street Central Bank) the project printed their own bank notes / artwork to fund local projects. https://bankjob.pictures/ https://hilarypowell.com/biog/

Anna Best & Sally Lemsford:

Performance Presentation - Failure, the Artist and Social Change - what does it mean when things don’t seem to work out?
Sally engages critically within the social context: everyday objects plus temporary relationships = space to look afresh at our daily lives; shared experiences of art as process, art as traces, art as intervention. www.sallylemsford.co.uk
Anna’s past projects were conceived as live experiences and pictorial scenes, when the event is a context-specific installation and the audience are within the scene and part of the work. There are complex networks of relationships, and layers of collaboration where process is important, in all its messiness, with all its failures. http://annabest.info/

What is Culture³?

Culture+ Creative Conversations is a platform to discuss, debate and challenge the status quo. To gain inspiration, spark collaborations and revolutionise the way we work in the arts and culture. At each event, held at various venues across the county, we invite a panel of interesting and experienced people to start the debate, and extend the discussion to us all.

Daniel Edelstyn