The Bank is open and we're making the big money! We are making extremely ltd edition 100 and 1000 notes of each character. These are being made in the bank in one big experiment involving hand paper making and pulp paper printing with ex Bank of England tender. Going to framers now and available to buy online and in the bank.

5 x Steve 100. 5 x Saira 100. 5 x Tracey 100. 5 x Steve 100. Approx measurements 290x420mm. Price: £140 framed + p&p. 

2 x Steve 1000. 2 x Saira 1000, 2 X Tracey 1000, 2 x Steve 1000. Approx measurements 294 x 620mm. Price £1090 framed + p&p.

Daniel Edelstyn