Happy to be part of Art Night. We’ll be open all evening - come and see coins being made from an exploded van and have a cocktail.

Hoe Street Central Bank opens its doors wide on Art Night to place hope in our collective future with a spot of anarchic joy in redemptive destruction. Throughout 2018, HSCB printed money and established itself as a hub of creative action towards economic change. HSCB will quite literally explode a van containing £1.2M of debt they have bought and cancelled.

Explore the aftermath of their ‘Big Bang 1’ as the van is made into commemorative coins for HSCB bondholders and the bank becomes a space to imagine and create a fairer economy. Witness the process as this community heist of an art project / feature documentary film ‘Bank Job’ reaches its climax.

Supported by Art Night

Free entry. Paying cocktail bar.

We’ll also be open Sunday 23 June for the Art Night Sunday trail: 12pm–4pm where we’ll also be joined by Barry Sykes leading some Laughter Yoga 1-1.30pm - another Art Night project.

The Bank is approx 110 metres from Walthamstow Central train and tube station.

The only two road crossings you need to make along the way from station to venue are both proper pedestrial crossings with green man/red man lights and with step-free access from the pavement.

The front doors to the Bank when open at their widest provide a gap of 88cm. There are no steps or other obstacles, There is a gentle slope up from the front door into the main area which is entirely flat.

Unfortunately the venue does not have accessible toilets. Cubicles are small and accessing them requires getting through a doorway gap of 62cm. Toilet seats are 44cm, and sinks are 86cm, above ground.

We do not have central heating and as such the space can be quite cold at times. We will have blankets on hand for any visitor who wants one during their time in the bank.

Daniel Edelstyn