As I write this, it's 64 days till Big Bang 2.

In order to encourage you and reward your excellent and generous support so far, we’re offering a buy one get the second one free on bonds of 100 and over. These are for unframed bonds only .

This deal is open till the end of February. We've also re-opened the 20 per cent of the first order code until end of Feb.


This shows the scale of the 100 bond in relation to the others. The offer is open to the 500’s and 1000’s as well.

This shows the scale of the 100 bond in relation to the others. The offer is open to the 500’s and 1000’s as well.

OFFER 2 - How would you like to press the button? Set off the explosion in real life, on TV and in the newspapers?

Screenshot 2019-01-30 12.43.28.png

press the button?

There can be only one person to do this. Is it you?

If you’D LIKE TO PRESS THE BUTTON ON THE EXPLOSION, WE HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER ON THIS TOO - 50% OFF If your order this before the end of feb.

To get your discount all you need to do is to visit the shop and add the explosion to your cart. Use the discount code PRESSTHEBUTTON50


Two full sets of our bonds, framed.

Two full sets of commemorative coins - from the remnants of the blown up van.

10 tickets to the explosion on 28 April.


All this for £50,000

BOND HOLDERS - You’ll be in good company - we’ve already been collected by these venerable institutions below. But don’t tell them about the discount, whatever you do!


Professor Andrew Ross from NYU talks about western democracies being taken over “creditocrats” who wrap debt around access to all the social goods - housing, healthcare, education.

Since the 2008 crisis, we’ve lived through austerity - while cuts have taken place to the welfare programs, more and more people are having to borrow money to plug the gaps. We’re told we need to repay our debts, yet the bankers who caused the crash were bailed out.

According to a report by the social metrics commission published late in 2018 there are currently 14 million people in Britain living in terrible poverty - including 4.5 million children. We’re the fifth richest country in the world. Enough is enough.

We’ve interviewed some of Britain’s top economists, Martin Wolf, head economist of the FT, Ann Pettifor from Prime, John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, they all agree. Something needs to change.

Join us! Let’s send a clear message to the city. It’s time for a change.

You can be a part of it - buy one of our bond certificates - stick it on the wall - it’s art and a ticket to the explosion - bring it to Silvertown on 28th April - to take part in the dramatic explosion.

We’re doing a special deal on our 100, 500 and 1000 bond - if you buy one before the end of Feb you will get a second one for free - this will mean you’ll get two commemorative coins as well as the bonds themselves.

Just buy the bonds in the usual way, and if you do it before the end of the month, you’ll a second absolutely free. PLEASE NOTE - It will not say this at checkout as we have no way of setting this up on the system, but we will do this and confirm it by email after you’ve paid.


Some of the institutions lucky enough to get our work.