4-19 October sees HSCB in production printing bonds in the collectively owned and distributed explosion of the £1million pounds of local payday debt bought through banknote sales. On the 5th October the banknotes will no longer be for sale and the bonds will be launched. All proceeds from the sale of the bank notes is shared between buying up the payday debt on the secondary debt markets and the four local causes featured on the notes - Eat of Heat Foodbank, Pl84u-Al Suffa homeless kitchen, The Soul Project youth programme and Barn Croft Primary School.

All proceeds from the sale of the paper bonds will allow the explosion of this debt to happen - the costs of explosives experts and locations and logistics, the costs of running a bank and printing the bonds and costs of filming this process that forms the finale of the feature documentary ‘Bank Job’ that all this action is part of. Buying a bond in a collectively owned and distributed explosion of debt allows the debt abolition act, the critique of the current economic system and positing of alternatives this whole project forwards to explode into public consciousness. In return for this investment in a fairer future bond holders get the beautiful paper bond (an artwork in its own right), an invitation to the explosion and a literal bit of the explosion. The bonds will be available via Kickstarter on 5th October 2018.